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Music should be a big deal

I hear a lot of complaints about the local scene from people in states across the country. People don’t come to shows, bands are lame, the styles of music that are popular aren’t inspiring, etc. 

I’ve seen a trend here locally and across the country that I think is partly to blame. Bands and musicians just don’t treat shows like they’re a big deal. They show up with the smallest possible rig out of convenience, they think a couple Instagram posts are enough to promote, they cancel the show if there’s bad weather, they have no merch to sell, they don’t stick around for all the bands, etc. 

What does that communicate to the community that you live in? You’re telling them that the music isn’t a big deal. If you’re not treating it like a big deal, why should they?

Imagine the energy that the community would feel from you if nothing could stop your relentless pursuit of the perfect show. Handing out flyers at the high school, the local community college, the mall. Hauling your half stack to the gig because you have spent countless hours dialing in your sound and the crowd, small as it may be, deserves the real thing. Showing up in a snowstorm because music is more important than comfort or convenience. That’s the energy that changes the world. 

Nothing can stop real rock and roll. The energy from real rock musicians can’t be contained or diluted. Big amps don’t sound better, they feel better. Dedication doesn’t write better songs, it writes better stories. Rock and roll doesn’t get more streams, it gets more hearts and minds. Don’t settle. Don’t let the music down. 

Showing up with an amp modeler on a sunny day cause it’s easier, that’s the energy that doesn’t inspire anyone. 


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