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The B2+ Panther Edition is a major head turner to put it plainly. Black nitrocellulose finish highlighted with gold accents. From top to bottom you'll see:


  • Custom black and gold skeleton Sperzel Tuners with graduated post heights to remove the need for string trees
  • A maple fretboard with jumbo gold colored frets 
  • .22 caliber spent brass for fretboard dots
  • A hand shaped and oiled torrefied maple neck 
  • A contoured and beveled heel with a two toned neck ferrule and neck screw combination 
  • RWRP p90 style and tele style pickups custom wound in house 
  • 500k CTS pots 
  • String thru hard tail bridge with brass saddles for killer sustain
  • A solid brass bound swamp ash body


Ships free to the continental United States with molded hard case. 


There may be nothing in the world that is as universally loved as the guitar. Whether on the wall of a dirt floored hut, or a state-of-the-art mansion, on stage at a Pride Festival or an Evangelical church service, in the hands of the master shredder or the casual strummer; Nothing weaves a common thread through the variety of the human race better than the guitar and the music it makes. To preserve the human necessity that is this incredible instrument, this guitar was made as much by hand as possible. The body and neck contours were shaped using hand tools, every bit of the more than 100,000 inches of wire in the pickups went through my fingers. It was sanded, polished, and set-up without the aid of any computer automation. Kind of like when you play a guitar. It happens with just you, your soul, your fingers, and a guitar. So, from my hands to yours. Enjoy this handcrafted tool as you bring the world a little closer together with music. 

B2+ Panther Edition

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